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Grace, Grit, and Excellence!

Give your child the confidence to dance like everyone’s watching!

There’s so much more to dance than beautiful movement. At All About Dance! by Kristen, we are committed to providing high-quality dance classes to improve coordination, encourage positive self-image, and provide kids the freedom to express themselves. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn and enjoy dance regardless of their abilities, age, or level.

  • How do I keep up with all the newest dance information?
    Download the AADbK App to keep up to date! Like us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok!
  • What should my child wear for class?
    Each class and age has different requirements for dress. You can find your child’s class dress code on the Dress Code page.
  • When should my child arrive for class?
    Students are encouraged to arrive 10-15 minutes before their class begins.
  • Where should I park?
    Please park in the parking lot and walk your dancer to and from the studio. There is no parking in the fire lane in front of the studio.
  • When should I pick up my child?
    Please pick up your dancer in a timely manner after their class has ended. Dancers are to wait inside the studio while waiting for their ride.
  • How does classroom placement work?
    To assure proper placement in all classes, instructors track students' progress in their own syllabus card and use the first six weeks of class as a placement audition.
  • Can I come watch my child during class?
    Parents are invited and encouraged to observe their child’s progress every month, October-January, during the scheduled Observation Weeks. This is a fun way for your child to show what they are learning in class and see what the classroom experience is like! Two visitors per family may attend. Infants and children are not able to attend observation classes. Please refrain from interrupting the teacher and your child during these observation times.
  • Attendance/Make-up Classes/Absences
    Parents should use their Parent Portal to report any absences and schedule their make-up class within one week of their missed class. If you need to miss class due to illness, ZOOM will be available for you. Make-up classes will also be offered for any classes missed.
  • Can my child have a locker/cubby?
    If you’d like to rent a locker for the dance season, please check with the office for availability. Cubbies are for the convenience of ALL dancers to use daily while in class and are not for rent. Please do not place shoes in the cubbies. Place them on the floor under the bench.
  • Lunchroom Information
    The lunchroom/student lounge area is for student use. Please pick up your trash before leaving the lunchroom area. No food or drink is permitted anywhere else in the studio.
  • Preschool Kinder and Tot Parents
    We want to provide the best dance experience for our youngest dancers and parents in a safe, nurturing, lively environment. Right from the beginning, we focus on your child’s coordination, listening skills, musical awareness, and imagination through weekly repetition. Please know that we are here for any concerns or questions you may have! We ask preschool parents to wait in our studio lobby if you feel that your child may need you during their class.
  • When does a dancer begin in Pointe Shoes?
    We ask our dancers have an understanding of balance, body center and ballet technique. The dancer will also be asked to provide a note from their physician determining sufficient ossification of joints of the foot has begun.
  • How many dances will my child perform in and how many costumes do I need to purchase?
    For recital your dancer will perform one routine and need one costume for each class they are enrolled in. Baton, Jumps, Leaps & Turns, Piano, Tech & Skills classes do not perform in the show.
  • Do I have to purchase a costume for each of my 1/2 hour KinderClasses?
    No, most of the classes are combined for the recital. Please check with the office :)
  • When do recitals happen?
    Recitals happen once a year, where we produce an original dance production of the highest professional caliber both onstage and “behind” the scenes.
  • What can I expect during rehearsal week?
    Students are required to participate in rehearsal week in order to participate in the recital. Here is an example of what the rehearsal week schedule might be: *insert image/graphic/table of sample week here*
  • Can there be additional rehearsals scheduled?
    Yes. Additional rehearsals for recital dances may be scheduled for students by the teacher. You will not be charged for these classes.
  • Do I have to volunteer?
    To maintain our production as professional as possible, we attempt to recruit an army of volunteers to assist our staff with various recital activities. While volunteering is not required for parents, we do greatly encourage it! For those that volunteer, we credit your account with $10.00 to show our gratitude!
  • When do online ticket sales begin?
    Online ticket sales begin May 1st, 2024. Watch for more information.
  • What are the costumes like?
    Age appropriate, high-quality costumes will be purchased for your child.
  • Recital injury policy
    Students must be able to fully participate in all dance classes by May 9, 2024. No casts are permitted onstage.
  • When are recital photos?
    Our 2024 professional recital photos date and schedule will be announced.
  • Do Adult classes perform in the recital?
    Sometimes! If the majority of the class would like to dance, we will offer the opportunity!
  • How will my dancer memorize their routines so they are excited, confident and ready for the big day?
    Our team is passionate about making this day the "BEST DAY EVER" for your dancer. Star Charts are posted in the hallways to monitor your dancers progress and becoming a "friend" of our private Facebook page AADbK choreography page is a must for dancers to practice at home with posted videos of every routine!
  • General Policies
    Parents and dancers are asked to conduct business at the courtesy desk and not enter the office spaces. Dancers should bring a water bottle to class. Only water is allowed in the dance studios. No food, drinks, or gum. Cell phones may not be used during class.
  • Medical Information
    All medical information must be entered into your Parent Portal. All information about our students is confidential. Parents, please notify the office and teachers of any special needs for your child – inhaler use, medications, or other medical needs during their time at AADbK.
  • Inclement Weather Cancellation Policy
    The studio will be closed weekdays during our daytime hours (9:00 am - 2:00 pm) when the Stow-Munroe Falls School System closes due to inclement weather. The cancellation of our evening classes (3:30 pm and later) will be determined by 2:00 pm that day. The studio will be closed on Saturday for 9:00-10:00 am classes when announced on WKYC-TV3 I-Alert, WEWS-TV5 or any of their affiliates by 7:45 am that morning. All Saturday class cancellations will be posted at 10:00 am if inclement weather persists. A class make-up schedule for canceled classes will be emailed ASAP.
  • Emergency Evacuations
    Emergency evacuation procedures are posted in all classrooms.
  • Customer Referrals
    Our Customer Referral Program will allow you to earn $50 Dance Dollars towards your tuition for each customer you refer to us who registers and takes classes at AADbK! Here’s how it works: Referrals who become registered customers count. You may have multiple referrals. Your name must be entered in the ‘REFERRED’ line of the new customer’s registration form. AADbK dollars credit will appear automatically on your account for the following month, and you’ll be notified via email. Credit may be used for tuition, costumes, and AADbK resale. Credit may not be used for competition/convention fees, photography, or recital tickets.
  • What kind of competition teams are there?
    We offer a variety of competition dance groups, including solos, duos, and trios.
  • How often do they compete?
    Teams perform 4-5 events throughout the year. Every other year our teams complete the year with a National Competition event.
  • When do competiton auditions happen?
    Auditions for our 2024-2025 Competition Team will be held May 18-19, 2024.
  • What are the ‘Delegates of Dance’?
    The Delegates of Dance is our performance team that dances at many venues throughout our area – including the Cleveland Charge & The Rubber Ducks! They assist at fun studio events and work together to develop a community service project. Delegates of Dance also travel out of state to perform at venues like Walt Disney World every two years.
  • How does my child join the ‘Delegates of Dance’?
    Participation forms will be released in March for the following year. Filling out the form, along with a letter explaining why you would like to represent AADbK as a Delegate of Dance is all you need!
  • What is the Student Assistant Program?
    Students 12 and older have an opportunity to assist the teachers in the classroom. Our student assistant program allows them to help with classroom organization, demonstrate technique, and assist teachers where needed. Student assistants are held to high standards of dance training. They must display good character, exemplary conduct, have a positive attitude, and carry good grades in school.
  • How does my child join the Student Assistant Program?
    Our staff nominates students at the end of our dance season. Students may also submit a letter stating their interest. We are looking for high energy, confident, well-rounded dancers to become our student teaching assistants.A full summer training program will follow.
  • Summer Program
    Each summer, we offer programs for both current and new students. Summer activities are for children ages 18 months to adult. A complete brochure of all summer programs will be distributed in April. A variety of one-day summer camps are also offered!
  • Studio Rental
    The studios are available for rental for meetings, rehearsals, and other activities. Tables, chairs, sound systems, and microphones are available. Whether you’re planning a one-time, weekly, or monthly event, give us a call to determine whether we can accommodate your group or activity.
  • Birthday Parties
    2024 NEW AADBK BIRTHDAY PARTIES Saturday afternoons for 1.5-2 hours (after 2:00pm) Our Fantastical Dance Party for 10 party-goers includes: Private room to enjoy a fab dance class of your choice Acro-gymnastics skills incorporated around our awesome obstacle course Super cool creative craft, treat bags for all Extra special gift for our guest of honor Two large pizzas, drink boxes and cupcakes all guided by 2 amazingly fun and talented instructors Oh, and we'll snap pics all the way through for you to have great memories of it all! Only $425.00 (We can take extra party-goers for $15.00 each). Please contact the office to schedule your party!

Let's Dance!

Not sure what to do first? Watch a video below to learn how to register for classes.

How to register for TRIAL classes:
How to register for any class:

2025 Recital

32nd Annual Recital!

June, 2025-More info to come!

Recitals are the highlight of the year. It's the chance for your child to perform for a live audience and showcase what they've worked so hard for over the year.

2025 Recital Details

  • Non-participants will need to inform AADbK by November 1, 2024 if they are not participating in the recital.

  • Students are required to participate in both evenings of the recital.

  • A Recital Fee of $30.00 will be assessed on April 1, 2025 to help defray administrative costs.

  • Students will need to purchase a costume for each class they train in.

  • A $75.00 costume deposit fee will be due for each costume by November 7, 2024.

  • A late fee of $3.00/costume will be applied on November 14, 2024.

  • Anyone joining the recital or adding a class after costumes are ordered, will be charged a $20.00 late fee per costume.


For complete recital information, download:

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